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cooking temperature

Dmitriy Mar 30, 2015 07:07AM PDT

Hello, BakerStone team!

I live in Russia and recently purchased Baker Stone Box from local Metro (Macro) store. I had to go with smaller Basics model as manager said they were lucky to get at least this one since your company is not presented in Russian market. I was very satisfied with overall quality of your product and so my quest for home qrill pizza making has begun. I have Weber Summit e470 6 burner grill which took me only 7 minutes to get temperature indicator on Stone box to pizza baking position with lid closed (all 6 on high). Tried it with open lid but it takes much more time and since Weber summit is designed to work with temperatures more than 800 F I decided to close lid at my own risk leaving necessary spaces as mentioned in manual. Ambient temperature inside my grill reading lid temperature gauge was 550 F with flavorizer bars presented and the thermometer on pizza oven was at max. I cooked 4 pizzas from fresh dough with mozzarella peperoni and pizza sauce topping. It took less then 2 min for each pizza to melt mozzarella. I decided to wait till top of the base be little brown and crispy. Result was disappointing. The bottom of the base burnt to black while upper part become slightly brown. So I ended up with constantly checking the bottom of other pizzas while turning and as soon as it got a little burn marks taking pizza out of the oven leaving top of the base almost white. So I need your advise and answers on this:

1. What is the cooking temperature for oven box on maximum reading of inside gauge?

2. What is the recommended temperature for thin pizza cooking?

3. Should I leave those gas burners that are directly under the oven on high after the preheating phase ends or turn them down leaving only side ones when cooking starts?

4. Should I use aluminum pizza net on baker stone to prevent bottom burning?

Your answers will be greatly appreciated and if it is possible also give me a recipe of the dough you are using to cook pizza from your advertisement picture.

Thanks for you attention, anxiously waiting for your answer,


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Andreas Epping Jun 24, 2015 12:47PM PDT
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Ich habe folgendes Problem.
Muss der Deckel meines Gasgrills geöffnet bleiben beim Einsatz des Bakerstones?
Wenn der Deckel des Grills geöffnet sein muss, erreicht er erst nach etwa 40 min die Temperatur um eine Pizza zu backen.
Die Temperatur fällt auch sehr schnell bei geöffneten Deckel ab.
Ich denke der Deckel muss beim Backen der Pizza zu bleiben.
Ist das richtig.
Freue mich auf eine Antwort.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Andreas Epping
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Mike Feb 11, 2016 08:57AM PST
I too purchased the bakerstone with High hopes of making the perfect pizza.Beautiful looking product. Have no problem getting to temp.
I have tried all different combinations of heat and dough combinations. If i wait until top is cooked the bottom of the pizza is black and pizza is inedible, Yes the bottom cooks quickly but if the top is still uncooked not much use.
The only way that this appears to work is if i place pizza into box spin dough,keep a very close eye on it as soon as bottom starts to brown remove and finish inside the kitchen oven. This has been the only way that can use this and still be able to eat the pizza.
This kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a pizza oven for the barbecue.
Not sure what you need to do to overcome your design in your product, But think needs a bit more tweaking in your R and D lab...

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Neil Jun 17, 2016 03:05PM PDT
Same here, scratching my head trying to sort this out. Im using it on a weber kettle using charcoal with no issues getting the oven to full temp.
The bases are black within 2 mins and the tops are white with no browning on the crust or toppings.
Having to remove it when the base is cooked and finish off under the grill in the kitchen oven
Pretty disappointed I think i might make up a stainless deflector directly underneath to reduce the direct heat hitting the bottom stone.
Do I need to remove olive oil from my dough recipe?
If anybody knows a better solution please post.
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Pat Feb 11, 2017 05:05PM PST
I have same problem, black burnt crust in a few minutes. Dough is flour, yeast, water and oil. Rises for a hour then rolled to circle. Either flour or corn meal is used to slide it off the "shovel". Temp gauge is midway in bake range.
I think it needs a "spacer" of some sort between the bottom stone and the pizza to get air circulation. I kinda think the bottom stone is about 1000~F for the top gauge to show 700~F.
Any hints?

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